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Cafe Ocampos

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The Story of the Beans: These beans come from Cafe Ocampos, a multi-generational coffee family in Manizales, Colombia. Throughout the years of business, Edwardo & his Mother have grown into a five farm operation with exceptional practices of growing, processing & community development. Their extensive knowledge and application has allowed them to help thousands of small local farmers to develop sustainably. 

The Flavor of the Beans: The high elevation of 5,780ft and rich volcanic soil gives these beans flavor notes of fruit & delicate floral. However, the most prominent flavor difference comes from the processing method NATURAL, letting the coffee beans dry inside the natural fruit. This allows the beans to absorb the sugars of the fruit which gives your cup of coffee a full-body flavor. I call it “coffee with personality”. You’ll like it if you prefer red wine. 

Processing: Natural

Region: Paisa Region 

Country Region: Caldas, Colombia 

Farm: La Granja 

Producer: Cafe Ocampos

Varietal: Arabica, Caturra

Altitude: 5,780ft

Flavor Notes: Fruit & Floral

Cupping Score: 86.5

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