Colombian Decaf

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The Story of the Beans: Descafecol is the only producer in Colombia that is naturally decaffeinated at origin. To remove the caffeine content, beans are steamed to remove the outer layer > moistened to open pores > submerged in natural ethyl acetate (EA) from sugar cane > steamed again to remove EA > and dried. 

The Flavor of the Beans: WASHED COFFEE, is one of the three processing methods used, meaning that the beans were de-pupled from its cherry fruit & washed the surrounding mucilage. This has the “cleanest” taste on the coffee spectrum. It’s said that if you like white wine, you’d probably enjoy this processing method best. 

Processing: Washed

Decaf Method: Direct Solvent Based

Region: Paisa Region 

Country Region: Caldas, Colombia 

Producer: Descafecol

Varietal: Arabica, Caturra

Altitude: 5,780ft

Flavor Notes: Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Brown Sugar

Cupping Score:  84.25